::Bando Spirit
Ever after succeeding to the technology, personnel, machine equipment of Bando Machinery Co., LTD. founded in 1973, Bando. Cranes has been specializing in managing equipments and has
continually polished its mission statement to develop itself and the nation. ¡°Contribution to the nation's ecomomy through development of mechanical engineering, ¡°Craftsmanship, production of well-made goods for the public.¡± Our management philosophy represents our strong dedication to supporting the nation by improving mechanical engineering technology. We will devote ourselves to making superior products, thereby contributing to a better society.

Spirit of Bando, it is a promise and a commitment.
¡°Craftsmanship, production of well-made goods for the public¡±
We will never forget it.

The symbol of Bando Cranes represents "Craftsmanship" and
These are the fundamental factors that make up Bando and they also serve as the image of Bando in international trade.
¡°B¡± in ¡°Bando¡± being the core, ¡°H¡± and ¡°C,¡± in words ¡°hoist¡± and ¡°crane,¡± embrace each other in the shape of an oval. This symbol works to harmonize and encourage every member in the Bando family, including our customers.